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Christchurch Attractions and Activities

Links to activities and adventures found in and around Christchurch and Canterbury.

Christchurch Attractions
Christchurch Attractions Visit website
Airforce Museum Wayside Motel
Airforce Museum Visit Website
Alpine Ice Rink Wayside Motel
Alpine Ice Rink Visit Website
Black Cat Group Wayside Motel
Black Cat Group Visit Website
International Antarctic Centre Wayside Motel
International Antarctic Centre Visit Website
Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve Wayside Motel
Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve Visit Website
Christchurch Sightseeing Tours Wayside Motel
Christchurch Sightseeing Visit Website
Orana Wildlife Park Wayside Motel
Orana Wildlife Park Visit Website
Jetstream Tours Wayside Motel
Jetstream Tours Visit Website
TheArts Centre Wayside Motel
The Arts Centre Visit Website
Tranz Alpine wayside Motel
Tranz Alpine Visit Website
Willowbank Wildlife Wayside Motel
Willowbank Wildlife Visit Website
Whale Watch Wayside Motel
Whale Watch Kaikoura Visit Website